Curtains and textiles

Curtains create a cozy feel and can be used to partition large rooms or in a classic way at the windows. There are also other aesthetic uses for textiles and they can also be used to improve...

LOD Acoustic lamina bars

LOD is a new type of ceiling-suspended bar lamina perfect for screening off a surface or when you wish to divide the room. With its discrete and functional design it melts into the surroundings at...

EFFEKT Vertical absorbent

With EFFEKT Vertical absorbent it is easy to improve the acoustic quality in a room without having to change existing installations such as ventilation, cables, lamps, etc.

LÄTT Clamp absorbent

LÄTT Clamp absorbent is the easiest way to improve the acoustics without having to change existing installations such as ventilation, cables, lamps, etc.

STARK Sport absorbent

In sports centres the sound of balls, appliances, voices, whistles and squeaking gym shoes is considerable. STARK Sport absorbent is designed for managing acoustic problems around sports centres.

SUND® Environment sub-ceiling

For rooms with high demands on a good sound environment we recommend SUND® Environment sub-ceiling, disregarded whether it is a noisy industry, an office landscape, a studio or a library that needs to be softened.


Gothenburg Opera House

Acoustics in a can? Yes, it actually works, and with well-balanced insulation and a hefty dose of electronics it’s possible to transform both the volume and the overall experience into something...


We think that acoustic solutions for ceilings  are treated unfairly, which is silly when there are so many exciting things you can do. Things that contribute both to a better acoustics and...

Mosaik - An acoustic puzzle

Akustikmiljö and White Architects has created a modular acoustic product with integrated lighting. They believe that the two sets of skill will create an experience far beyond one plus one.