Sustainability at AM Acoustics

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is a broad term. For most of us it is about the environment around us,

our planet and the nature and resources on it. For us at A.M. Acoustics, the condition of our planet is an important reason why we work towards achieving a more sustainable business, but sustainability is more than just that. Our business is about creating better and more sustainable working environments for our customers and employees, where people can feel and perform better for a long time.

This is our sustainability declaration, an explanation of what sustainability means to us and what the consequences of that are for those who work with us. Together, we can contribute to a better world, a better working environment and at the same time run a more sustainable business.

Sustainability starts from within

The work towards a more sustainable business is not driven by one person alone. In just the same way that it requires an organisation and major internal engagement to succeed with staff issues or achieve visions associated with results, the same applies to sustainability. In order to successfully create sustainable work that permeates everything we do and that acts as a good example, we must start the work from within.


At A.M. Acoustics, we strive to include the whole company and make the most of the knowledge and ideas that each individual employee has. In this way, we also ensure that the efforts and improvements that are made, are fully utilised by A.M Acoustics and increase the chances of them being fully implemented in everyday life. With weekly improvement meetings in each department and a clear structure of how proposals are developed, we can ensure that all employees are involved and that all proposals are followed up.


EcoSUND® is our unique core material for sound absorbents which is as good for people as it is for the environment. EcoSUND® is made of 50 % recycled PET and is approved in accordance with Öco-Tex Standard 100.
No emissions: EcoSUND® is completely free from glue/adhesives and does not emit any emissions or gases. No harmful fibres: EcoSUND® does not release fibres that that itch, irritate or cause allergies.


Being trustworthy is important for every business. Our goal is to create a better working environment for our customers, which requires that we also have a good internal working environment. The same applies to our sustainability work, where we always strive to be a step ahead and meet those requirements and goals that we set out.

We can demand certain things, particularly from our customers, material and suppliers. But most of all we want our work to act as a good example and we can do that by thinking sustainably throughout the entire process, from choice of supplier and haulier to what cars we drive and what energy sources we choose. In Falkenberg, we only use renewable electricity as well as extract energy / heat from production to heat our premises. All waste in production is recycled and used for energy (heat).

”We want to leave a better planet behind us”

The reason for our sustainability work is simple; our planet is no longer in the same condition that it once was. Even though we may be a small cog in a large wheel, we want to do our part for future generations. What we also discovered along the way was that sustainability does not just contribute to a better environment, it also has economic advantages for us and our partners, especially when the market is demanding greater sustainability.


The world is going through a consume and discard craze. Even though office furniture is not replaced as frequently as aucustic products, this usually happens in workplaces and furniture is often used for a much shorter time than its actual service life. A large part of our work is therefore made up of developing and finding new strategies for how our products can be used for a longer period before they are replaced. It is about looking forward and predicting what will happen in the market in the future, so that we do not just satisfy the trends that are strong right now, but also those that are expected to be popular. That is when it is important to look at bigger picture of the workplace, because digital development will have as great an impact as colours and material.


That the hardest challenges also present the greatest opportunities sounds like a cliché, but in our case it is clear that this is true. By rationalising and improving our material, we don’t just make environmental gains but can also reduce costs.

On the materials side, it is primarily electrical products that create the biggest challenge. Today, our electrical products are largely made of recycled and recyclable metal instead of plastic, and the work to improve this is ongoing all the time.


To ensure that we work sustainably through the whole chain, we have long-term, close collaborations with suppliers. In that way, we always have good control and contact regarding environmental issues and can also be quick to react to changes in regulations and certifications. With the help of long collaborations that are developing all the time, we have also been able to focus on fewer suppliers, which means fewer and more efficient shipments when lots of products are being supplied from the same place. By working in this way, we can also ensure that everything works as it should and that the products that reach the end customer meet our requirements and are delivered on time.


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • FTI

A comprehensive solution for a sustainable sound environment

Designing for creative working environments is largely about creating workplaces where everyone thrives and is happy. We live in a world where many people experience a lot of pressure and stress, where we are convinced that the sound environment plays a significant role in being able to make a change.


Common to all work is that one wants to have some kind of success, even if that can be defined and measured in different ways. We are convinced that environments that promote well-being and creativity play a huge role in this. Our products are therefore always developed with the user in mind, to create environments where one feels good and as a result can also perform at ones best. An investment in good office solutions is not just a benefit for the individual employee but for the operation as a whole.


Taking responsibility for the environment also means that we need to create responsible products. We always have this in mind in when choosing the design and materials. In order to have good control over the chosen materials, we have a close partnership with our suppliers. We also try to recommend materials that we know meet our requirements in the event of special adaptations or special requests from our customers.

We always try to “think smart” during product development. Function is always the alpha and omega and the design must reinforce that function. In our efforts to keep the number of suppliers and thereby the number of shipments down, we try to start from the materials that are available in existing work. How can we adapt the design and still use the same environmentally friendly and functional materials?

By keeping the product flora compact, we maintain control over our products, and put our creative ability to the test by creating new solutions without having any impact on the environment or emissions.

A sustainable deal for everyone

Working sustainably isn’t just a benefit for us at A.M. Acoustics. With good material selec- tion, more efficient shipments and high demands, we do our bit to create a better planet for everyone, where we create more with fewer resources. What we have also seen is that this way of working has given a number of economic advantages that benefit the whole chain.


It must feel right to work with A.M. Acoustics. We therefore have long relationships with suppliers and carefully check materials and producers. Most of our suppliers are based in Sweden and those suppliers in other countries are checked by CSR audits or regular visits where these important issues are discussed.

As responsible partners, we also place great focus on the fact that it should be quick and easy to order from us. Delivery reliability and fast customer service can be crucial to our customers’ success and therefore not something that we shy away from. We will be there, from idea to help chose material and finally the end installation.


We feel happiest in a chain where every party is profitable. When we know that we always have our carefully selected suppliers with us and that what we deliver to the customer always meets their requirements and is on time. Our goal therefore is to grow together with our partners, to create security both for ourselves and for our customers.

We support the sustainable sea initiative

Together with scientists, environmentalists, politicians, trade and Industry The Sustainable Seas Initiative works for the sustainable development of the Baltic Sea.


By means of exhibitions, seminars and visits to ports around the Baltic Sea with Brig Tre Kronor, The Sustainable Sea Initiative communicate how we can reduce the environmental degradation of the Baltic Sea.

”The future of the Baltic Sea is threatened. I therefore consider it important to involve myself and contribute to the Sustainable Seas Initiative” Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria Patroness of the Sustainable Seas Initiative and ”Tre Kronor af Stockholm. Our principal owner Connecting Capital has for some years been working as partners to the foundation where Nils Bergström has a chair in the Council of Trustees.

We at A.M. Acoustics has also decided to get involved as a supportive partner to The Sustainable Sea Initiative.

Remote meeting saves on the environment

By introducing distance meeting technology at our offices and showrooms around the country, we reduce carbon dioxide emissions from our business trips.

We offer our suppliers, customers and employees Instead of traveling, they can use video conferencing or telephone and web-based meetings.

Today we have video conferencing at our headquarters in Ulricehamn, A.M. Acoustics Office in Falkenberg as well as in our showroom in Stockholm.