AKUSTIKMILJÖ HAS MORE THAN 32 YEARS of experience in acoustic products and solutions. Together we are a skilled team that covers all areas of knowledge, self-assembly and production, which means we can deliver a complete solution for your acoustical problems.

Because we work with some of the industries most respected and renowned acousticians, we have an expertise that few can match.





Schools require high performning acoustic soultions due to their many differing needs. Akustikmiljö has a wide variety of products that are custom-made for schools, which means we can deliver...

Photoprint & graphics

Photoprinting the sound absorbant makes it possible to give it a unique look. The technique can be used for any type of picture – photos, patterns, logos, et cetera.


Art projects

In the intersection of art, architecture and interior design, acoustic solutions can bring an extra dimension. At Akustikmiljö we are known for delivering unique, customized solutions, which means...

Wall solutions

We enjoy working with decorators and architects to create beautiful rooms with good acoustics. Akustikmiljö has developed an array of products that takes away the need to settle for dull...

Dividers and screens

Creating a "Room in the room" is something we Akustikmiljö work a lot with. In every project we strive for solutions that are practical, visually and acoustically.


We think that acoustic solutions for ceilings  are treated unfairly, which is silly when there are so many exciting things you can do. Things that contribute both to a better acoustics and...