How do I create an optimal padel court?

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    Celebs at the inauguration of Padel Zenter. Zlatan Ibrahimović, left and world champion in paddle tennis, Ferlando Bestaguin, right.
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  • amacoustics ceiling sound absorbent
  • amacoustics ceiling sound absorbent

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When Thomas Sandström and Zlatan Ibrahimovic decided to invest in the new racket sports hall in Årstad, there was one thing they were sure of: if they were going to do it, they were going to do it right.

“It’s like a dream come true. Padel is on the rise as a sport, so it’s a huge deal for me to be able to provide a modern hall with the very best conditions for everybody from beginners to professionals to play,” said Zlatan to Expressen earlier this year.

Padel Zenter in Årsta is situated in an old refurbished warehouse, which had its advantages but also its disadvantages. The most important advantage was that there was no problem getting a high ceiling, which is the basis for the sport.

Thomas, who is a seasoned player and has seen other courts and their shortcomings, wanted to fix those shortcomings for Padel Zenter. He sums up four points that need to be absolutely top class before the work of improving the details can continue.

The courts

Padel Zenter in Årsta has nine courts and one absolutely top-quality centre court. All the courts are approved for games at the highest international level. The courts are supplied by the company that also builds the courts for the World Padel Tour.

High ceiling

At a full 12 metres, the ceiling height even meets the requirements for professional tournaments. There is also a sense of security for the players in knowing that lobs are not a problem, according to Thomas.


The lighting meets the highest international standards. It has a high lux count and is designed especially for sports, with optimised light distribution and minimal glare. The lighting is also important given the high ceiling, as the balls need to stay out of the shadows even after high shots.


At games in other halls, Thomas has found that noise and poor acoustics can be distracting. Padel is a sport where the rackets hit the balls hard and partners shout at each other (padel is always played in doubles), which produces loud noise levels. In Sweden we often play indoors because of the climate, and that together with the fact that the courts are enclosed by four glass walls means that the noise is amplified further. To deal with noise reflecting against the ceiling, clamp absorbents have been used – this is a practical solution because the sound absorbents can be mounted between other installations such as existing fan systems and ceiling structures. Padel Zenter also has sound absorbents with print motifs that provide inspiration and raise brand visibility.

“The journey continues for Padel Zenter with new facilities throughout Sweden. The next opening will be in Jönköping, but more locations are also planned. We are continuing the Padel Zenter concept of building large facilities with at least eight courts, with a focus on padel,” says Thomas.

Facts Padel tennis

Padel is a racket sport that can be seen as a mix of tennis and squash. Padel is one of the world’s fastest-growing sports. It is easy to learn and fun to play. For example, it is the biggest sport in Spain after football. The rules were established in the early 1970s, and the International Padel Federation was formed in 1991. World championships were then arranged in 1992.

Padel is played on a 10×20 metre court with a net in the centre, just like in tennis but smaller. Unlike in tennis, but like in squash, players also make use of the walls. Surrounding the court is a 2.5-metre-high glass wall, and above that is a 1-metre-high grille.

Thomas Sandström, Padel Zenter