We want to leave a better planet behind us

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The reason for our sustainability work is simple; our planet is no longer in the same condition that it once was. Even though we may be a small cog in a large wheel, we want to do our part for future generations. What we also discovered along the way was that sustainability does not just contribute to a better environment, it also has economic advantages for us and our partners, especially when the market is demanding greater sustainability.

Environmental work today

The world is going through a consume and discard craze. Even though office furniture is not replaced as frequently as aucustic products, this usually happens in workplaces and furniture is often used for a much shorter time than its actual service life. A large part of our work is therefore made up of developing and finding new strategies for how our products can be used for a longer period before they are replaced. It is about looking forward and predicting what will happen in the market in the future, so that we do not just satisfy the trends that are strong right now, but also those that are expected to be popular. That is when it is important to look at bigger picture of the workplace, because digital development will have as great an impact as colours and material.


That the hardest challenges also present the greatest opportunities sounds like a cliché, but in our case it is clear that this is true. By rationalising and improving our material, we don’t just make environmental gains but can also reduce costs.

On the materials side, it is primarily electrical products that create the biggest challenge. Today, our electrical products are largely made of recycled and recyclable metal instead of plastic, and the work to improve this is ongoing all the time.

Example: Long supplier collaborations

To ensure that we work sustainably through the whole chain, we have long-term, close collaborations with suppliers. In that way, we always have good control and contact regarding environmental issues and can also be quick to react to changes in regulations and certifications. With the help of long collaborations that are developing all the time, we have also been able to focus on fewer suppliers, which means fewer and more efficient shipments when lots of products are being supplied from the same place. By working in this way, we can also ensure that everything works as it should and that the products that reach the end customer meet our requirements and are delivered on time.

Certification at A.M. Acoustics:

BASTA registrered products

  • DUK Acoustic nonvowen
  • Lätt Clamp absorbent
  • Single
  • Collage
  • STARK Sports absorbent
  • Acoustic Print Big
  • TILES EcoSUND Grid ceiling absorbent

The BASTA registration means that we can prove that the product meets the BASTA criteria for environmental and health hazardous properties. See www.bastaonline.se for more information.

”You should not consider environmental work as a cost. For us, it is precisely the opposite. Efficient and correct production processes instead give an economic advantage to us and our partners, at the same time as preserving the environment”.