A.M. Acoustics improves sound at Padel Zenter

A.M. Acoustics assist Padel Zenter with sound absorbers
Celebs at the inauguration of Padel Zenter. Zlatan Ibrahimović, left and world champion in paddle tennis, Ferlando Bestaguin, right.

Acoustic Print Big sound absorbent

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Padel Zenter in Stockholm got of with a bang with matches between both the paddle elite as well as household names from other sports. The facility has nine newly built courses and center courts of absolute top quality. All courses are approved for games at the highest international level.

Like fellow Swedish sportstars Peter Forsberg and Jonas Björkman, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has embraced paddle tennis. The soccer star and co-owner opens his first paddle center in Stockholm under the name of Padel Zenter. "Starting my new career soon", Zlatan writes under the image of Instagram where he released the news.

Paddle tennis is a noisy sport with cracking sounds from rackets. Did we mention that the sport is played in a glass cage, a known acoustic problem! This acoustic challenge is also much harder when played indoors. A.M. Acoustics have delivered sound absorbers to Padel Zenter in the form of large-format prints and ceiling absorbents that makes the sports hall more comfortable for players and coaches alike.

Sound-absorbing sponsor signs

Signs made from sound-absorbing material make it possible to put a spotlight on sponsors while improving the acoustic environment at the same time. This is a necessity since in Sweden the sport is often played indoors on courts comprised of four glass walls, which further amplify noise. BIGPRINT from A. M. Acoustics provides court owners with a cost-effective method where the actual sound absorbent and frame are set up separately and where the sponsor's logo and message are printed independently. This makes it easy to swap the print when the sponsor changes.

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