Sound Off letters

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SOUND OFF LETTERS let you create unique text messages. SOUND OFF Letters (and 3D Figure absorbent)  are shape-cut sound absorbers that give a unique expression, for example in the form of a logo in reception, free-hanging mobiles, text and other forms. Arial Black font in 350 mm high and 50mm thick letters. Available in core material white, black or grey. With or without textile.

Marking: BIM Object | Acoustic facts | pCon Planner | Byggkatalogen

Properties for EcoSund

No emissions: EcoSUND is completely free of glue/binders
No dangerous chemicals: EcoSUND does not release fibers that itch or irritate.
Material: EcoSUND is made from recycled PET.

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Acoustic Facts

Product Surface 63 125 250 500 1 2 4 aw
Sound Off letters 50 mm on wall 50 mm från vägg 0.05 0.30 0.60 0.95 1.00 0.95 0.85 0.90