3D Figure cut sound absorber

3D is a free form acoustic panel where you can create a unique look with your own text, logo or other free form. Welcome visitors with a sound absorbing logo at the front desk or express yourself with text on a wall. 3D TEXT is well suited for lighting.

Application areas

  • Logotype in the reception
  • Text and other shapes
  • Suspended mobiles

Why 3D ?

  • Design: 3D lets you work with free shapes and sizes.
  • Quality & Environment: 3D is made from EcoSUND®, a high-class sound absorbent, class A. EcoSUND consists of recycled PET-bottles and plant fibres.
  • Finish: The absorber can be laminated with many different finishes/textiles.
  • Size: choose your own format in sizes up to 1500x3000 mm.



3D is made from EcoSUND®, a high-class sound absorbent, class A.  

Innovative design 

3D can have any shape and size, a sound absorber doesn't have to be square.



The absorber can be laminated with many different finishes/textiles.


3D comes in standard with unlaminated, heated surface of solid white or black panel or surface layer of acoustic nonwoven. But for a more snug and colorful expression can be ordered with woolen Blazer Lite fabric from Camira. Both the acoustic nonwoven and Blazer Lite is selected for its ability to allow the sound pass through to the acoustic panel to achieve maximum sound absorption.


White Black

Acoustic nonwoven

White Black


More colours of Hush are available upon request.

 60155 60158 60159 60900 64120 65077 65078 67046 68102 68103


  • Figure cut texts/shapes up to 1500x3000 mm

About EcoSUND®

3D is manufactures using out unique material EcoSUND®

  • environment-friendly: EcoSUND EcoSUND is made from recycled PET-bottles and plant fibres.
  • No leakage: EcoSUND är s completely free from glue/binding agents and therefore does not release any emissions or gases.
  • Moi sture resistant: EcoSUND EcoSUND is not sensitive to damp and moisture and therefore cannot rot or mold.
  • No harmful fibres: EcoSUND does release any itching or irritating fibres that may cause allergic reactions.


3D can be assembled differently depending on the wall.


Clean with a dry brush/broom or with a vacuum cleaner. If very dirty, clean with cold water, a cloth and a gentle washing up, washing or cleaning detergent.


With Akustikmiljö standard finishes 3D meets class 1 (B-s1, d0).

Designation for prescription

Akustikmiljö 3D

Acoustic properties

Frequency Hz63125250 500αw
50mm mounted on wall0,050,300,600,951,00,950,850,90
50mm suspended0,150,350,400,450,600,650,650,55