Acoustic Print Big sound absorbent

BIGPRINT IS A SOUND ABSORBENT that lends itself to be the centerpiece of your design. Decide upon graphics using a photo/illustration of your own, or purchase a photo from an artist of your choice. BIGPRINT come in sizes of up to 3 x 50 metres without having to cut the canvas, something that has been requested by many interior designers. 


  • Excellent sound absorption using AM Acoustics' EcoSUND core material. 
  • No cutting of the canvas
  • You decide the format and size
  • Can be delivered in super large sizes but works fine also for smaller works
  • If you want to change the image/canvas in the future, only new printed fabrics need to be purchased. The aluminum frame and Ecosund sound absorbers remain intact.


Watch the mounting of a bespoke size BIGPRINT on aluminum frame.


ClockBIGPRINT's sound absorbing core is made of EcoSUND®, a high quality sound absorbent, class A.   

Individual design 

Design your own decorative working environment with your own photographs and motifs.


BIGPRINT fit in all rooms where the sound environment comes first, without forgoing the aesthetics.


PRINT gives you the possibility to create a totally unique expression. choose one of our photographs/illustrations or let us guide you to a good image vendor.

Image agencies on the web

There are many internet-based image banks with photos and illustrations, we recommend thinkstockphotos.com with high quality photos, illustrations and vectors selected by Getty Images and iStock. Please note that very large prints demand high resolution images (ask us about the techy stuff if you are unsure about sizes in your project).

A.M. Acoustics' image bank

Need inspiration or a selection of motifes to choose fro? We have our own image bank to choose from. To view all images click here.

Please contact us if you need help to find the motif that your project needs or if you have any questions at all regarding picture quality, resolution etc.


  • A sleek but visible extruded aluminum metal frame.

About EcoSUND®

BIGPRINT is made of our unique core material EcoSUND®

  • Environment-friendly: EcoSUND is made from recycled Pet-bottles and plant fibres.
  • No leaking: EcoSUND is completely free from glue/binding agents and the- refore does not give off any emissions or gas.
  • Stand up to moisture: EcoSUND is not sensitive to damp and moisture and therefore cannot rot or mould.
  • No harmful fibres: EcoSUND does not give off any itching or irritating fibres that may cause allergic reactions.


  • BIGPRINT can be delivered in any size up to 3x50 metres.


BIGPRINT is delivered in pieces and assembled when mounted.


Clean with a dry brush/broom or with a vacuum cleaner. If very dirty, clean with cold water, a cloth and a gentle washing up, washing or cleaning detergent.


With A.M. Acoustics' standard surface layer, BIGPRINT fulfils surface layer class 1, (B-s1,d0).


A.M. Acoustics PRINT BIG

Acoustic qualities

Carried out by SP according to ISO 354 and ISO 11654

Product Surface Construct. height 63 125 250 500 αw
BIGPRINT Trevira 50 mm 0,05 0,30 0,60 0,95 1,0 0,95 0,85 0,90
50 mm Trevira 100 0,10 0,35 0,75 1,0 1,0 0,90 0,90 0,95