COBOGO improves the acoustics and reduces the sound propagation in open spaces. At the same time it screens and creates space in the room.


COBOGO delimits open spaces and creates space in the room. Vertical hanging panels for ceilings. Thickness: 5 mm.

Available in 9 colours. Comes in packages of 3 or 12.

Surface layers and size

COBOGO vertical hanging panels for ceilings made of extruded felt from at least 55% recycled PET.


  • 372x372x5mm

Available colours

  • Gravel
  • Slate
  • Pine
  • Moss
  • Plum
  • Cherry
  • Cyan
  • Ivory
  • Hemp

Other information


COBOGO is mounted with included fittings that are inserted into the plate's fiber and locked with the associated pin.


Clean with dry brush or vacuum. In case of severe dirt, clean with cold water, cloth and gentle detergent och cleaning agent.