• Ocean
  • Lava
  • Ash
CUBISM is a playful wall absorber with diamond-shaped panels that can be varied to form unique patterns in different colors. Dressed with the textile Hush in different colors on a black core.

Size and Material

Cubism EcoSund 12-pack

Sound-absorbing wall absorber. Core material EcoSUND.

Upholstered: Hush, edge in raw core: black or gray.

Assembly: Velor-covered back and velcro. Thickness: 50 mm.

Dimensions: 300x300 mm (diameter 300x515 mm)

Certificate (valid 2019-06-03):

ISO 354 Absorption and SS 25269.

Absorption factor alpha 0.95 and Fire class: tested according to B-s1, d0

N10 value 600x520x50 = 33

Finish and Textiles

CUBISM comes with a core material EcoSUND (black or grey). 

Black Grey

• Straight edges for even corners.

• Assembly: velor back and velcro straps.

• Material: EcoSUND black core (121293-1 and 121293-2) / gray core (121293-3)

• The color combinations are predetermined.

Dressed in colors from the Hush textile. 4 colors:

121290-2 Ash - Hush 560, 562, 563 with black core

121291-2 Ocean - Hush 560, 562, 567 with black core

121292-3 Lava - Hush 571, 572, 573 with gray core


About EcoSUND

CUBISM is made of our unique core material EcoSUND.

  • Environment-friendly: EcoSUND is made from recycled Pet-bottles and plant fibres.
  • No leaking: EcoSUND is completely free from glue/binding agents and therefore does not give off any emissions or gas.
  • Stand up to moisture: EcoSUND is not sensitive to damp and moisture and therefore cannot rot or mould.
  • No harmful fibres: EcoSUND does not give off any itching or irritating fibres that may cause allergic reactions.