Curtains and textiles

  • Akustikmiljö Gardiner

Curtains create a cozy feel and can be used to partition large rooms or in a classic way at the windows. There are also other aesthetic uses for textiles and they can also be used to improve acoustics.

Size and Material

Curtains and rails for mounting are tailored to fit your premises. Several of the solutions use rails that can be mounted to both ceilings and walls and are available in straight or curved shapes. Combine curtains with different types of lighting and other sound absorbents for great effect. 


The purpose determines choice of textiles. Do you want the curtain to darken and protect from direct sunlight or is it a partitioner where a transparent effect is desired? 

Curtain models


Easy-to-use rail system. Works with all textiles.

Pleat curtain

Classic solution that suits most interiors.

Panel curtain

Flexible and easy movement. Works with all textiles.

Sliding curtains

Soft folding that are flexible and adjustable. Works with all textiles and quick to set up.

Ceiling solutions

Adds a design elemnt to ceilings. Can be used to cover sound absorbents.


Aluminum rails for wall or ceiling, straight or curved.

Curtain textiles

Maris Delilight

Voile with different levels of transparency. Lets through light but provides a sense of privacy.


Classic tight-woven quality with linen look. Luma blends well with voile fabric.

Finett/Dawn Dimout

Dimout textiles for shutting out light. Available in different textures.


Velvet curtain with nice luster for a cozy effect. Good acoustic properties.

Blazer lite

Wool gives a rustic feel with matt finish. Good acoustic properties.

Blazer Quilt

Quilted wool fabric. Suits panel curtains. Good acoustic properties.