LOD Acoustic lamina bars

LOD is a new type of ceiling-suspended bar lamina perfect for screening off a surface or when you wish to divide the room. With its discrete and functional design it melts into the surroundings at the same time as improving the acoustic properties of the room.



LOD is made from ecoSUND®, a high quality sound absorbent, class A.



 LOD is an effective absorbent for environments pure in style to open office landscapes.



LOD can be made to measure in order to fit the requirements for your premises.


LOD is produced with standard fabrics Kosima and/or Kosima Colour. The fabrics are selected for their ability to allow the sound to pass through to the core material EcoSUND® in order to achieve maximum sound absorption. An additional benefit with Kosima is its non-fraying properties.

About EcoSUND®

LOD is made of our unique core material EcoSUND®

  • Environment-friendly: ecoSUND is made from recycled Pet-bottles and plant fibres.
  • No leaking: ecoSUND is completely free from glue/binding agents and the- refore does not give off any emissions or gas.
  • Stand up to moisture: ecoSUND is not sensitive to damp and moisture and therefore cannot rot or mould.
  • No harmful fibres: ecoSUND does not give off any itching or irritating fibres that may cause allergic reactions.


  • Length 0-3000 mm
  • Dimension 50x50 mm
  • Rail length 0-3000 mm


The rail is mounted in the ceiling or on the wall with the delivered attachment details. the segments are then hung up in the hangers found in the rail’s lower edge.


Clean with a dry brush/broom or with a vacuum cleaner. if very dirty, clean with cold water, a cloth and a gentle washing up, washing or cleaning detergent.


LOD has been tested by the national swedish testing institute, SP, and found non-flammable according to nt fire 002.


Akustikmiljö LOD

Acoustic qualities

Frequency in Hz63 125250 500αw
Absorption factor0,000,100,300,650,600,800,850,60