SOUND OFF CLOUD Ceiling mounted sound absorbent


SOUND OFF CLOUD sound absorbents are delivered with or without textile. With textile, it has a straight cut edge and the core material is visible from the side. SOUND OFF CLOUD is an effective sound absorbent made from Ecosund® which is made of 50% recycled PET. Create a dynamic impression by hanging the clouds at different lengths. For a 2-in-1 solution of sound absorption and lighting, choose the version with one or three LED lamps. 

Finish and Textiles

SOUND OFF comes with a smooth surface of the core material EcoSUND (white, black, grey or brown RAW Edition), or with a textile, Hush, laminated on visible side of the sound absorber.  

RAW Edition

SOUND OFF can also be delivered with a smooth surface of the core material EcoSUND (white, black, grey or brown RAW Edition). 

White Black Grey Brown

Textile Hush

Another textile option is Hush, which is available in ten standard colours. More colours of Hush are available for quotation. View all fabric options and colours. Pdf file. Choose the colour of the core material when choosing absorbent with straight cut edge where the core material EcoSUND is visible from the side. Keep in mind that black core material affects the appearance of a light textile.

Size and Material

SOUND OFF CLOUD are made in different cloud shapes in different sizes. All absorbents are 50 mm thick for good sound absorption.  

About EcoSUND

SOUND OFF CLOUD is made of our unique core material EcoSUND.

  • Environment-friendly: EcoSUND is made from recycled Pet-bottles and plant fibres.
  • No leaking: EcoSUND is completely free from glue/binding agents and therefore does not give off any emissions or gas.
  • Stand up to moisture: EcoSUND is not sensitive to damp and moisture and therefore cannot rot or mould.
  • No harmful fibres: EcoSUND does not give off any itching or irritating fibres that may cause allergic reactions.


SOUND OFF CLOUD is delivered with wires (2 m) with loop and adjustable hook. See accessories for suspension hooks for ceiling and bracket for mounting on the ceiling rail.


Clean by dry brushing or vacuuming. If very dirty, clean with cold water, a cloth and a gentle detergent.


With A.M. Acoustics’ standard surfaces, SOUND OFF CLOUD fulfills the fire technical requirements for surfaces B-s1,d0.

How to specify

A.M. Acoustics SOUND OFF CLOUD. Sound absorbing ceiling absorbent made from Ecosund®. Mounting: with wires. Total thickness: 50 mm.  Dressed with Hush or in raw material, black, white, grey or brown. Dimensions: Ø800/Ø1100/Ø1400 mm with or without lamps.