STORYBOARD Acoustic notice board

When the acoustic quality needs to be improved at the same time as the walls serve a useful purpose, STORYBOARD is an excellent solution. STORYBOARD combines sound function and practical properties in a brilliant way as it is also made for putting up pictures, notes and information.

About EcoSUND®

STORYBOARD is made of our unique core material EcoSUND®

  • Environment-friendly: ecoSUND is made from recycled Pet-bottles and plant fibres.
  • No leaking: ecoSUND is completely free from glue/binding agents and the- refore does not give off any emissions or gas.
  • Stand up to moisture: ecoSUND is not sensitive to damp and moisture and therefore cannot rot or mould.
  • No harmful fibres: ecoSUND does not give off any itching or irritating fibres that may cause allergic reactions.

Download as a BIM object

STORYBOARD is available as a BIM object. Download here to use in your projects. 



STORYBOARD is made from EcoSUND®, a high quality sound absorbent, class A.


Works effectively with early reflec-tions, necessary as noise often originates from human speech.


Combines function and practical qualities.


STORYBOARD comes with Acoustic Nonwoven or with textile finish. The fabrics are selected so as not to leave pin marks if the user wants to attach documents to the screen.

Acoustic Nonwoven

White Y1 Black Y2


More colours of Hush are available upon request.

 60155 60158 60159 60900 64120 65077 65078 67046 68102 68103

Blazer Lite

Retreat LTH39 True LTH61 Harmony LTH63 Pillow LTH43 Hush LTH42 Happy LTH55 Solace LTH70 Buddha LTH56 Daydream LTH46 Tender LTH53


  • STORYBOARD is as standard available with a black or a white frame. upon request, we can also deliver other colours.


  • 1200x1600x50 mm
  • 1200x2400x50 mm
  • 2950x1500x50 mm
Special sizes available upon request.


STORYBOARD is easily mounted by being hung up on 2 or 4 screws in the pre- stamped key holes at the back of the frame or, as an alternative, with a mounting strip for tight installation or with a mounting strip providing a 50 mm air gap.


Clean with a dry brush/broom or with a vacuum cleaner. if very dirty, clean with cold water, a cloth and a gentle washing up, washing or cleaning detergent.


With Akustikmiljö’s standard surface layer, STORYBOARD fulfils surface layer class 1, (B-s1,d0).


Akustikmiljö STORYBOARD