EcoSUND® Industry Wall absorbents

From Price: €38 /pc excl. VAT

EcoSUND® INDUSTRY improves the acoustics in both large and small spaces in a simple and effective manner.  

In its simplest form yet with maintained functionality, EcoSUND Industry allows for easy installation, quickly covering larger areas on walls or in integrated solutions. Standard sizes in fixed formats suit most situations, with a heated surface. Choose the color of the core material. The absorbent, with a pre-drilled pattern for a washer and screw, provides the possibility for straightforward installation.

Properties for EcoSund

Measurement: 600X1200
No emissions: EcoSUND is completely free of glue/binders
No dangerous chemicals: EcoSUND does not release fibers that itch or irritate.
Material: EcoSUND is made from recycled PET.

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