A comprehensive solution for a sustainable sound environment

Designing for creative working environments is largely about creating workplaces where everyone thrives and is happy. We live in a world where many people experience a lot of pressure and stress, where we are convinced that the sound environment plays a significant role in being able to make a change.

Sound environment for well-being and success

Common to all work is that one wants to have some kind of success, even if that can be defined and measured in different ways. We are convinced that environments that promote well-being and creativity play a huge role in this. Our products are therefore always developed with the user in mind, to create environments where one feels good and as a result can also perform at ones best. An investment in good office solutions is not just a benefit for the individual employee but for the operation as a whole.

Responsible products

Taking responsibility for the environment also means that we need to create responsible products. We always have this in mind in when choosing the design and materials. In order to have good control over the chosen materials, we have a close partnership with our suppliers. We also try to recommend materials that we know meet our requirements in the event of special adaptations or special requests from our customers.

We always try to “think smart” during product development. Function is always the alpha and omega and the design must reinforce that function. In our efforts to keep the number of suppliers and thereby the number of shipments down, we try to start from the materials that are available in existing work. How can we adapt the design and still use the same environmentally friendly and functional materials? By keeping the product flora compact, we maintain control over our products, and put our creative ability to the test by creating new solutions without having any impact on the environment or emissions.

”By creating good working environments, we help our customers to achieve competitive advantages, profitability and a better sound environment in both the long and the short term”.