ECOSUND® – a sustainable acoustic solution

ECOSUND® – a sustainable acoustic solution

ECOSUND IS A.M. ACOUSTICS OWN UNIQUE SOUND ABSORBENTdeveloped together with acousticians and raw material suppliers in 2010. All production takes place in Sweden, more specific in Halland.

EcoSUND is the core material that all products from A.M. Acoustics are made of. Some products are covered with textile or acoustic cloth. EcoSUND products are available in 20, 40 and 50 mm thickness as standard and in colours white, black, grey and brown.

Recycled and resource efficient

EcoSUND is made of 100% polyester fiber (PET), of which 50% is recycled PET bottles. The recycled PET fibers are third-party certified according to GRS, Global Recycling Standard. This means that the requirements are ensured for e.g. recycled constituent materials, limitation of chemical usage, and how social and environmental matters are handled in production along the value chain.Since EcoSUND is made of one and the same material, it is hence completely recyclable. The product has a long life span and can be reused again and again. 


EcoSUND meets criteria for eco-labeling in Basta, SundaHus and Byggvarubedömningen.The fibers are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. No emissions or hazardous fibers.EcoSUND is completely free of binders and therefore does not emit any emissions or gases. 

No emissions or hazardous fibers

EcoSUND is completely free of binders and therefore does not emit any emissions or gases. 

The emission measurements meet the requirements of SS-EN ISO 16000-9:2006 for TVOC, formaldehyde and ammonia. The structure of the absorbent means that the fibers are both moisture resistant and thus cannot mold, nor do they release dust or anything else that gives rise to allergies.

How does sound absorption work? 

Sound absorption is an intricate process. Simply explained, it works by the sound waves entering the EcoSUND material, absorbs when it collides with the fiber composition and converting there into thermal energy – and it becomes silent. This reduces the sound image.

Since its launch, EcoSUND has been highly appreciated by customers and acousticians due to its good sound absorption even at steeply incidental sound angles. EcoSUND has an even absorption curve all over the spectrum of the speech frequencies

EcoSUND has positive effects whether you use it on the roof or wall. However, in order to get the best possible acoustic effect, one should enlist the help of competent people to make the right choice of products and placement as part of getting the perfect sound. This expertise is available at A.M. Acoustics.

Sound absorption test

Sound absorption is tested in accordance with standard ISO 354 and ISO 11654. Test results are available with us at A.M. Acoustics and also at Acoustic facts. Examples of test results for 50 mm EcoSUND: 
Direct mounted, Class A αw 0.9 
50 mm air gap,Class A αw 0,9 
200 mm air gap, Class A αw 0.95

Fire test

EcoSUND is tested according to EN 13501-1:2007 + A1 2009, EN 13823 and EN ISO 11925-2 with approved rating B-s1,d0 *. 

* Also tested with polyester surface layer material and Trevira CS.

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