Sustainability starts from within

The work towards a more sustainable business is not driven by one person alone. In just the same way that it requires an organisation and major internal engagement to succeed with staff issues or achieve visions associated with results, the same applies to sustainability. In order to successfully create sustainable work that permeates everything we do and that acts as a good example, we must start the work from within.

Everyone must be included to succeed

at A.M. Acoustics, we strive to include the whole company and make the most of the knowledge and ideas that each individual employee has. In this way, we also ensure that the efforts and improvements that are made, are fully utilised by A.M Acoustics and increase the chances of them being fully implemented in everyday life. With weekly improvement meetings in each department and a clear structure of how proposals are developed, we can ensure that all employees are involved and that all proposals are followed up.


EcoSUND® is our unique core material for sound absorbents which is as good for people as it is for the environment. EcoSUND® is made of 50 % recycled PET and is approved in accordance with Öco-Tex Standard 100.

No emissions: EcoSUND® is completely free from glue/adhesives and does not emit any emissions or gases.

No harmful fibres: EcoSUND® does not release fibres that that itch, irritate or cause allergies.

A good example

Being trustworthy is important for every business. Our goal is to create a better working environment for our customers, which requires that we also have a good internal working environment. The same applies to our sustainability work, where we always strive to be a step ahead and meet those requirements and goals that we set out.

We can demand certain things, particularly from our customers, material and suppliers. But most of all we want our work to act as a good example and we can do that by thinking sustainably throughout the entire process, from choice of supplier and haulier to what cars we drive and what energy sources we choose. In Falkenberg, we only use renewable electricity as well as extract energy / heat from production to heat our premises. All waste in production is recycled and used for energy (heat).

”If our work with sustainability can inspire others to prioritise these issues, then we have achieved our goal.”