A sustainable deal for everyone

Working sustainably isn’t just a benefit for us at A.M. Acoustics. With good material selection, more efficient shipments and high demands, we do our bit to create a better planet for everyone, where we create more with fewer resources. What we have also seen is that this way of working has given a number of economic advantages that benefit the whole chain.

A safe and responsible partner

It must feel right to work with A.M. Acoustics. We therefore have long relationships with suppliers and carefully check materials and producers. Most of our suppliers are based in Sweden and those suppliers in other countries are checked by CSR audits or regular visits where these important issues are discussed.

As responsible partners, we also place great focus on the fact that it should be quick and easy to order from us. Delivery reliability and fast customer service can be crucial to our customers’ success and therefore not something that we shy away from. We will be there, from idea to help chose material and finally the end installation.

Grow together

We feel happiest in a chain where every party is profitable. When we know that we always have our carefully selected suppliers with us and that what we deliver to the customer always meets their requirements and is on time. Our goal therefore is to grow together with our partners, to create security both for ourselves and for our customers.

”We constantly work on our speed and our simplicity through continuous improvement. We have a high delivery reliability. Our ambition is to develop with our customers in order to be the best possible partner”.