AddOn Ceiling – Never again a boring ceiling.

AddOn Ceiling – Never again a boring ceiling.

The classic T24 ceiling is found everywhere in society: in schools, restaurants, shops, and other public spaces. It is often a surface that one does not reflect upon; it simply exists as an anonymous framing. Now, AM Acoustic is launching a product that will change the future. ADDON CEILING is a unique profile system for both new and existing T-24 structures. With just a few clicks, the anonymous ceiling becomes an interior detail that elevates the entire room.

Absorbers, made from the core material EcoSUND®, are the heart of AM Acoustics operations. Products with a clear purpose of creating pleasant spaces with good acoustics, in creative shapes and colors, perhaps with printed motifs. Now, a product is being launched with more focus on aesthetics than perhaps on acoustics. Together with designers Jon Lindström and Henrik Kjellberg at o4i design studio, AM Acoustics has developed the product Addon Ceiling. A new and unique profile system that adorns the T-24 structural system. The system, consisting of profile rails and rosettes, adds character to a room, providing an exciting impression that flirts with both traditional and modern architecture.



  • AddOn Ceiling was born from the idea of ​​providing more opportunities to adapt and upgrade new and existing standard ceilings that are often perceived as anonymous and dull, says Jon at o4i.

The design of the rosette gives the ceiling tiles rounded corners, and the semi-circular rails give the ceiling structure a subtle and elegant relief that can be color-matched with the rest of the interior. In this way, the ceiling becomes an equally important part of the whole as the walls and floor.

Through the add-on principle, one can easily and cost-effectively change the color and material feel of most existing ceilings - whether newly installed or old - without having to demolish and discard what is already in place. - Environmentally friendly and resource-efficient, even in terms of time and money! There are no limitations on how large or small an area can be covered. It works just as well to cover an entire ceiling or just a part of the structure. Andreas Hultfeldt, sales manager at AM Acoustics, explains that the goal of the system was to make it easy to install.

  • We wanted to develop a product that customers and installation companies can attach themselves, he says. Then it doesn't have to be as big a project to make a change in a room.

AddOn Ceiling will be used in public spaces where the visual whole is important and where attention to detail in the interior is high, such as in stores, hotels, restaurants, and offices. The system gives architects and designers a broad palette of possibilities by being able to combine and match the structure with acoustic panels in different colors and materials throughout the ceiling - or parts of the ceiling.

  • We hope that AddOn Ceiling inspires the retention and upcycling of existing ceilings and thus promotes the necessary paradigm shift that is taking place in the construction sector where recycling and environmental thinking are important keywords for the future, says Henrik from o4i.

Lift your gaze and see the possibilities for change. Let's say goodbye to all anonymous ceilings and welcome ADDON CEILING to public spaces.