In Acoustics Magazine we write about the importance of acoustics and how it affects people. We feature premises that are simply comfortable to stay in. Premises that both look and sound great.

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Acoustics magazine

Acoustics is a inspirational magazine from AM Acoustics and Gotessons for people that work with beautiful and functional environments. We put focus on the sound environments and acoustics.

Marlin Cheval stables

TThe story of the colt Maze Runner says something about the Marlin Cheval stables and their head trainer, Marcus Lindgren. At one year old, the horse was attacked by a fighting dog and only just...

Aim'n Sportswear

Gym in the warehouse, workout gear as dress code and Pilates balls as office chairs. At Aim'n in Halmstad, the office has been designed to reflect their business model.

With history on the walls

When the sports arena Scandinavium in Gothenburg was due for renovation architecture firm Abako was asked to design a completely new restaurant for 700 guests.

Gothenburg Opera House

Acoustics in a can? Yes, it actually works, and with well-balanced insulation and a hefty dose of electronics it’s possible to transform both the volume and the overall experience into something...

Quieter at Koenigsegg

In the car factory at the Swedish Air Force’s old F10 hangar outside Ängelholm there is an air of feverish activity. Double production lines are now being implemented, with both Agera RS and...

Welcome to A.M. Acoustics and Falkenberg!

AM Acoustics' goal is to deliver quickly, meet customer requirements and work environment friendly. And of course to be in the place where the heart is and to surround yourself with people you like.


Patricia Trambevski works as an interior designer at ISELA. her goal is to create consistent design that conveys a thought and lasts over time.

Mosaik - An acoustic puzzle

Akustikmiljö and White Architects has created a modular acoustic product with integrated lighting. They believe that the two sets of skill will create an experience far beyond one plus one.

Hyper Island and the creation of BLOCK

You could say that Hyper Island at Telefonplan in Stockholm became a victim of its own popularity. The school moved into its new premises in March 2013, but it took only a few months before it was...