PRINT Sound absorbing picture

PRINT is a sound absorbent where only your own fantasy sets the limits. Pick your own photo and create a picture, or several pictures, in order to complete image themes for the whole room.

Patricia Trambevski works as an interior designer at ISELA. her goal is to create consistent design that conveys a thought and lasts over time.

Itake a seat at a large table in ISELAs studio to talk with Patricia Trambevski about interior design and about how the type of project affects how you should work.

- I have worked with both restaurants and offices and see a clear divider in which type of focus you have. For experience-based clients in the restaurant and hotel segment, it’s about creating experiences and atmosphere, while the designer for office works to convey a brand and to create a good working environment, says Patricia Trambevski.

In Patricia’s first contact with a new client, she wants to find out what needs are the most important. Often you are also unsure which style will work on that project.

- I usually start to break down the different target groups and the practical needs to get a good picture of what tools you can work with, Patricia continues.

After a project has been started Patricia presents a complete project plan that includes the implementation phase, which also comprises time sync and contacts with various contractors and vendors.

- In my projects, it is extremely important to be involved all the way. Often solutions are used that you can not just buy and set up. You have to be involved and see that the result is consistent with the vision. It is particularly important when new challenges emerges along the way and you have to make quick decisions, Patricia says.

When asked how the dream project looks like I get no concrete answers. Instead a more philosophical reply on the joys of a broader holistic approach and to work very conceptually.

- Oscar’s Nightclub and System Installations different offices are great examples of how a consistent approach yielded a successful result, Patricia says.

Systeminstallation main and branch offices

A project with a customer that ISELA has followed over a long period of time. In connection with rebranding and profile switching, the client wished to communicate its new brand and create a better working environment. It was very bare surroundings that needed to be relaxed whilst at the same time focused on the brand’s soul. The sound environment in the offices also needed to be reviewed. Hard wood floors, concrete and open floor plans always involve an acoustic challenge. We worked with many sound absorbing print pictures from Akustikmiljö and textiles and a colour-coordinated carpet. Everything matched the new graphic profile. Overall, it was a completely different work environment acoustically.

ISELA also coordinated the work between the main office in Varberg and the branch offices in Halmstad and Gothenburg ordering material and hiring craftsmen. Patricia comments: it was a very neat and consistent result. the customer directly commented on the nice new acoustics.

Oscar's Nattklubb in Varberg

Oscars Nattklubb With a limited budget Patricia started from the grid in the ceiling that was already in place. The goal was to create a unique cosmopolitan atmosphere where you feel that you can be anywhere in the world. Not a typical Varberg setting. Akustikmiljö helped me with coloured absorbers where the wall and ceiling went in the same color, taken from the wallpaper. A nice detail was that even the structure itself could be painted in the same color.

Because it is a nightclub there were special requirements for acoustics where sound is part of the experience. Cold and warm sound affects the atmosphere as much as the reverberation times and sound levels and in terms of getting the right feel.

Patricia comments: Fun with a nightclub where you can work so extremely conceptional. it was a brave client who wanted to go all the way.

Facts ISELA and Patricia Trambevski

Patrica Trambevski

Patrica Trambevski founded ISELA in 2006 and has since worked with interior design, fashion design, product design and lectures. Patricia works with restaurants, clubs, offices and private homes. Recent projects includes Societets-restaurangen in Varberg, Systeminstallations offices, Cafe Coop Forum and Galleria Trädgården.